Fearless Action PAC uses the truth to dethrone Dishonest Devin

Finally, Devin Nunes, colloquially better known as Dishonest Devin, is being exposed in broad daylight. Fresno based PAC, Fearless Action, has erected a billboard against him, and plans for more to come. This is welcome, as he has been a blight in the Central Valley for far too long. He is a mini-Trump; full of lies, hot air, a thief and a conman.

Devin insists he’s a farmer, though he merely bought a farm and met a pitiful threshold to called himself one ($200 is the threshold, I could be a farmer in my front yard if I wanted to). His wealth is shadowy, since a congressional salary can’t possibly pay for his many lawsuits.

Fearless Action PAC’s first billboard

He sued a fake cow, Twitter (multiple times), various media outlets such CNN, and various people. Unfortunately for him, most of the lawsuits had no merit, and were dismissed or pulled, since the truth isn’t defamatory, nor could his lawsuits prove that anyone he sued reasonably harmed him. However, Dishonest Devin has seen more big bucks by exploiting the COVID-19 situation, obtaining millions in relief packages (while voting no on COVID-19 relief bills for the people, by the way). In addition, the shitfest that is the GOP is dedicated to keeping the staunchest defenders of Trump loaded. That is why it is imperial we Dethrone Dishonest Devin, and to make the Central Valley a better place.

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