L.A. Chargers Q1 report card

I have been in the hunt for a new NFL football team to cheer on since 2016. Three years ago I had pretty much decided to adopt the San Diego Chargers after a great Sunday fun day experience at a local gay sports bar. After taking in San Diego Pride one weekend and reconnecting with Baker’s (nude) Beach on another, I was sure the Chargers were the way to go.

Then they left San Diego and migrated north to Los Angeles. I was distraught. I was disappointed. I was disaffected. [Insert LOL here.] 🙂

Anyway, after watching Justin Herbert play in his rookie season, and feeling even more happy and proud to be a Californian over the last three years, I am sticking with the Bolts!

With 4 games in a 16 game regular season done and in the books I have decided to give Chargers a grade on their 3-1 start this season.


I was tempted to give the Chargers a B+ because they stubbed their toe in a very winnable game against an opponent I thought they should have, or at least could have, easily beaten. I saw the potential in Herbert last year. He was rough and inexperienced, just like any rookie would be, but you could the see the potential. He seems to have a great eye for the field and a great feel for the game. It’s hard to teach intangibles like leadership (on and off the field) and composure but you know them when you seem them. His arm is big too. He can really get that ball down the field. I also like what the coaching staff is doing with him by crafting an offense that plays to his strengths and the things he does well rather than trying to mold him or force to be something he is not.

I also want to give a big shout out to the defense in general and Joey Bosa in particular. I’ve seen that unit really step up and impose their will on opposing teams and that bodes well for them in the long and short term. Obviously you want any defense to help keep the offense subdue the opposing attack but this is especially important when you have a young newbie QB. Sometimes teams put too much pressure on young phenom talent and that can have dire consequences physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Next up for the Bolts? The Cleveland Browns tomorrow afternoon!