CA’s digital COVID-19 vaccination record card

When the concept of having a COVID-19 vaccination passport/card came into being, I’ve always had concerns about misplacing or losing the physical copy, especially if it is to live in my wallet.

But surely, the great state of California has a digital copy? That they do! And it’s extremely easy to access. All you had to do is visit their website (linked below), and enter your first and last name, birth date, and an email or phone number associated with your vaccination record.

That’s where you’ll receive a link to your digital record card, and set up a four digit pin which will be used to access the link. Once the link is generated, it’s valid for 24 hours, so save the QR code that comes with it (and don’t share it to strangers, because it’s yours!). In addition, if the link is viewed on a mobile browser on an Android device, you can save the digital record to Google Pay, which is super convenient (and way harder to lose).

If for some reason you ever misplace the copy of your QR code, you can always go through the website again to recreate another link to access the QR code.