California to decriminalize psychedelic drugs

California’s senate successfully passed Senate Bill 519, which decriminalizes psychedelic and hallucinogenic drugs, which include: shrooms (psilocybin), MDMA, mescaline, LSD, ketamine, DMT, and ibogaine. This bill rebukes the massive failure known as the War on Drugs Afterall, declaring war on inanimate objects is just plain ineffective, but, that so called war was just a Republican way attacking minorities considering that non white people mostly took the bad end of the stick, simply for the mere possession of drugs.

Meanwhile, pharmaceutical opioids have wreaked absolute chaos for decades, and drug traffickers simply became more dangerous and efficient.

SB 519 before it was a reality.

It obvious a myriad of drugs can be and are dangerous, so why are relatively harmless drugs, like magic mushrooms and DMT, banned outright in America? I say relatively harmless because if used appropriately, they rarely have negative side effects and long term consequences, just like Marijuana (and unlike opioids). That ban has stifled research, and limited their usage merely for casual purposes. Yet, these psychedelics show great promise for [mental] health and addiction, considering that options for many are limited. Once exhausted, these people may turn to dangerous quack doctors, snake oil, homeopathic nonsense, and dangerous forms or usage of psychedelics.

DMT, one of the most significant psychedelics, has only ever been legal when used in the form of ayahuasca. Ayahuasca is a DMT containing plant that is ingested. Its users also risk dangerous side effects or death. But it bypasses the DMT ban so… SB 519 makes too much sense, as criminalizing people for making their own decisions (imagine arresting somebody for eating at the Heart Attack Grill) is costly and only causes more harm. SB 519 also expunges any criminal records for people convicted of possession or personal use of the psychedelic substances.

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